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With bi-coastal locations in Carlsbad, California and Dover, New Hampshire, we are a key player in the design, manufacture and deployment of interactive kiosks. We have deployed over 20,000 kiosks worldwide in a wide range of environments. In the last two years our kiosks were used over 200 million times. We have units in the field that have been in continuous operation for over ten years.

Experience -

As one of the early players in the interactive kiosk market, RedDotNet has been helping retailers connect with their customers for over 13 years. We learned the kiosk business from the ground up, our kiosks and solutions incorporate that knowledge. Put our expertise and experience to work for you. As an industry leader we have published a number of popular whitepapers.

Applications -

Back in 2000 our kiosks were used for music sampling and product information. Over the years they have found many new applications, including food ordering, customer sign-up, loyalty programs, check-in and queueing. Our kiosks are at home in many different market segments, including events, QSR, electronics, grocery, auto, hardware, office products and apparel.

Commercial Grade -

We only make commercial grade units. Unlike consumer grade tablets, our unit are intended for 24/7 operation. Our newest generation of tablet style kiosks has the looks and styling to compete with their consumer grade cousins, while retaining the strength and ruggedness of commercial grade equipment.

Affordability -

You might think that the cost of a product of this quality is prohibitive. However the units are surprisingly affordable. You can have the benefits of a 'commercial grade' tablet without the hidden costs of a 'consumer grade' device.

Quality -

We design, build and support our kiosks in Carlsbad California. We stand behind our products. All our hardware has a three year warranty.

Hardware to Solutions -

We can provide hardware, or a full custom solution including software and system management services.

At RedDotNet we have been designing and building small form factor, compact kiosks long before they became fashionable. The small form factor means our kiosks can be mounted just about anywhere, without displacing merchandise. Mounting to a wall or fixture means that expensive real estate need not be sacrificed. Multiple units can be strategically positioned, rather than relying on one large kiosk.

Multiple screen sizes -

We make products in a number of screen sizes and case styles for a perfect fit with your application. Our latest product is a 10.4" tablet style kiosk available in both landscape and portrait.

Unique Look -

Our kiosks are not re-purposed computer monitors. Their eye-catching non-standard appearance clearly differentiates them from the crowd. Their unique shape and color promotes acceptance and has customers returning time and time again. We continuously evolve the design of our kiosks to meet new customer challenges.

Designed To Last -

Our kiosks are designed to last. The units are designed to handle the wear and tear of a typical retail environment with ease.

Long Term Costs -

The initial hardware cost is only one factor in the purchasing decision. The long term costs can easily swamp the initial purchase cost. The units are designed for a lifetime of 7-10 years. The small size of the unit eliminates the need for onsite service. If there is an issue, the unit can easily be swapped-out by the local support staff, saving on expensive on-site service calls, this can dramatically reduce maintenance costs

Customization -

Our kiosks are available in a variety of designs and finishes which incorporate the latest design elements and can be easily customized to match your brand.

Integral Chassis -

Our equipment is molded using high impact flame retardant plastic. Like the best trucks, we have a separate chassis which protects the internal components. This also imparts a rigidity which can withstand 'chin ups'.

Screen -

Our screens are rated for 50,000 Hours. Typical consumer grade screens are rated for only 10,000 hours. Our LCD panels have an LED backlight which significantly reduces power requirements.

Processor -

Our kiosks are based on the state of the art Intel Celeron J1900 2.00GHz quad core processor, with up to 8GB of high speed memory. With sophisticated graphics and high performance processor, this state of the art low power processor solution can be found in everything from laptops to digital signage. We bond our processor directly to our chassis. This eliminates the need for a noisy unreliable fan and dramatically reduces the failure rate.

Touchscreen -

All our kiosks use the latest touchscreen technology to eliminate the need for bulky, unreliable keyboards and pointing devices. Resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen are both available depending on your environment. All our units can be fitted with stereo loudspeakers. Audio feedback, especially for typing significantly improves the user experience and increases data entry accuracy.

Wireless Connectivity -

We have an integrated, Sprint approved, 3G module. Low cost data plans are available through our Sprint partnership. 802.11 b/g/n/ac is provided for WIFI

Wired Connectivity -

For conventional installations we provide 10/100/1000 Ethernet. This provides the greatest degree of security and reliability. Two serial connections are provided to prove connectivity to "legacy" equipment. Three USB Host ports are available for connection to user provided peripherals.

Solid State Storage -

All our storage is solid state. Experience has taught that mechanical hard drives are not reliable in the field and are too easily corrupted, especially where the AC power is not 'clean". Up to 128GB of storage is available.

Power over Ethernet -

Low power requirements mean that the kiosks can use Power over Ethernet (POE). Units can be placed where AC power is not available, or the cost of installing new outlets is prohibitive. For AC power a single power supply powers both the kiosk and all of the peripherals. Power strips or multiple AC sockets are not required.

Software Compatibility -

Our systems come preloaded with the Windows 7 operating system which can often run existing software out of the box. The hardware will also support the Linux and Android Operating Systems. Our units support the latest 'gesture' based User Interfaces.

In the past, the choice was between a "big box" kiosk and a small form factor kiosk with external peripherals. With our unique all-in-one design, you can have the small form factor with a comprehensive set of fully integrated peripherals. All of our peripherals are options on all of our kiosks. Our peripherals are truly integrated, resulting in a very compact unit with no external wires. They are not "attached" to the side of the unit creating a "Swiss Army Knife" look.

Slide Out Printer -

Our high speed thermal transfer printer uses standard 3" paper rolls just like a typical POS system. The printer is mounted at the rear of the unit to save space. The unique sliding mechanism allows the printer to be easily accessed, promoting fast paper changes.

Imaging Scanner -

The imaging scanner supports a wide variety of barcodes including 2D barcodes and QR(Quick Response) codes. The sophisticated trigger mechanism reads the code immediately without the need for precise positioning by a consumer. The unit can even read smartphone screens to promote tight integration between the kiosk and the mobile world.

Near Field Communications (NFC) -

allows user identification using just the swipe of a phone. This means that credit cards become obsolete. Also great for loyalty programs.

Camera -

Take pictures and upload them to social media sites like Facebook.

Secure Card Reader -

A three track Magtek magnetic strip reader is available. The reader has integrated MagSafe technology to facilitate secure transaction.

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