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Kiosk Services


We can quickly roll out your system to locations nationwide.

System Management

Kiosk systems do not look after themselves. Nothing leaves a worse impression than a kiosk which is broken. We can keep your system up and running.

Content Management

It is not sufficient for a kiosk to be up to date on day one. Kiosks require constant updating to be useful. We can keep your content current.


Our systems generate a rich set of usage data. By analyzing usage patterns many lessons can be learned.

Why RedDotNet

RedDotNet, with bi-coastal locations in Carlsbad, California and Dover, New Hampshire, is a key player in the design, manufacture and deployment of interactive kiosks. We have deployed over 20,000 kiosks worldwide in a wide range of environments. In 2010 our kiosks were used over 200 million times.

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