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Whitepaper: Ten reasons why kiosk projects fail

10 Reasons Why Kiosk Projects Fail

Kiosks can be an integral part of a business, but only if they are utilized to their full potential. Learn what keeps customers away from the kiosk and how to overcome those obstacles.

The simple answer to the question “why do kiosk projects fail” is: “because no one uses the kiosk.” This white paper will discuss 10 reasons why kiosks sit unused.

Location, location, location

To succeed, kiosks must be placed in a prime location so they can easily be discovered by customers. Unfortunately most kiosks have a significant footprint, and floor space is hard to find in prime locations. Consider a kiosk that is small enough to be mounted directly to a shelf or end cap without significantly displacing merchandise.

First impressions

Bad first impressions often are made with initial kiosk screens that:

  • Are complex with many choices, leading the customer to think “I don’t have time to learn.”
  • Play a full-screen video, causing a customer to feel “It’s just trying to sell me something.”
  • Display the message ‘Touch to Begin,’ which leads to the question “Begin what? I don’t have the time to find out.”

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