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Exterior Customization

The exterior of all our kiosks can be customized to fit your business needs and provide a perfect match with your brand

Color and Finish

  • Our kiosks are constructed of fire retardant PCABS. Standard finish is .015 depth texturing.
  • Kiosks are available off the shelf in white, red, grey and black. We can mold a kiosk in virtually any color
  • Kiosks can be painted in virtually any color. Many finishes are available ranging from matte to premium high gloss

Branding and Graphics

  • Logos can be created from laminated material and directly bonded to the unit. Many different label types and finishes are available.
  • Full size graphics can be applied using a silk screen process to achieve a unique branded look

Form Factor

  • For a completely custom look, we can create a custom shape using a vacuum form fabricated to fit snugly over the existing case.
  • For larger production runs a completely custom, injection molded case can be created which completely replaces the existing case.
  • The kiosk can be supplied without the case, allowing it to be mounted flush within existing equipment, such as a store fixture or vending machine case

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