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Custom Kiosk Software

Many of our customers require a custom software application. Kiosk specific software applications take much more than just writing lines of code, they require an understanding of how customers interact with kiosks in a retail environment. This is a very different skill from that needed to write a web or business application. Our applications have a number of unique features:

User Interface -

State-of-the-art user interface with smooth scrolling and gesture based control, just like the current generation of consumer based tablet computers.

Rapid Prototyping -

We have developed tools which enable us to quickly create a custom user interface. Interfaces can be created in as little as two weeks. You can quickly try out a new idea without the high costs normally associated with production ready software.

UI Maintenance -

Typically 'App' based kiosk interfaces are implemented using standard programming languages such as Java, Objective C or C#. Our applications are developed using scripting (based on XML). This means that modifications to the interface can be done by non-programmers.

Content Updating -

The content (attract screens, product data etc.) in our application is stored in an XML based object database. By separating the content from the user interface, it can easily be updated, independently of the user interface. The system can automatically download new databases as needed.

Graphics -

Our in-house graphic designers can take your proprietary graphics and turn them into kiosk specific graphics.

Web Based Alternative -

Typically our software is 'App' based for performance reasons. If you prefer a fully web based solution we can provide a customized web browser which provides access restricted to your mini-site.

Security -

Our software (app or web based) runs as a standalone application. There is no 'desktop' which can be accessed by customers. Should the application fail to run for any reason, a hardware based 'watchdog' automatically reboots the system to restore normal operation.
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