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Custom Kiosk Hardware

We have designed and built specialized hardware for many customers. Our in-house CAD capability allows us to quickly create new designs. This advanced CAD software can produce 3D renderings, which can be manipulated by customers in real time. Examples include:

Mounts -

Often it is necessary to mount the kiosk to a non-standard fixture, or mount the kiosk in a confined location. We can design a mount which will work with just about any fixture or in any location.

Signage -

Signage can be a critical part of a successful kiosk project. We can design signage which will mount directly above or around the kiosk for maximum visibility.

Device Trays -

If it is necessary to connect with devices provided by a consumer we can design a device tray with integral connector. Examples of customer provided equipment include glucose meters and mp3 players.

Enclosures -

Sometimes our clients require a kiosk which has a much larger form factor. We can build a custom enclosure that looks like a large form factor kiosk, but has most of the advantages of a small form factor kiosk, such as easy repair or replacement. Our designs can easily be disassembled for easy transportation, particularly important for events

Specialized Peripheral Mounts -

Specialized peripherals such as driver license scanners and palm readers etc. can be connected to the kiosk. We can design hardware to fasten these peripherals to the kiosk, which reduces footprint and improves cable management.
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